All photography seen here is 100% Authentic Picwood

We're Nick & Lindsey and we built Picwood for ourselves and are excited to share it with you. When we got married Nick wanted to get a photo booth to help capture the festivities, but he didn't want your run of the mill booth. Nick wanted quality moments captured, in an unobtrusive format. We built Picwood from the ground up, with the help of friends. Our friends and family have had a great time with Picwood, we hope you will as well. 


Our hope for Picwood - A Kansas City Photo Booth

We hope that Picwood can help add and capture the joy of your event, while stepping outside of the instant gratification of selfies, posed iPhone photos and digital photography in general. Yes, Picwood is 100% digital, but you take your own picture, you don't see yourself in a screen, and a crowd gathers to watch the portraits flow in. It's an intimate, entertaining experience. It's authentic and it's Picwood.

This photo booth changes the wedding game, I literally saw people fighting to get in the booth and scurrying to see how their pic looked.
— Billy Hartman, Best Man & Wedding Guest